März 10, 2015

Pre-Spring Look

Hey Friends

Back on track, I wanna show you the pictures of my Shooting, which I had some weeks ago. It's my Pre-Spring-Look, because this was one of the first sunny days in 2015 (with Snow!!). I would say I am completely ready for Spring to come!!!! What about you?

yours sincerely,
Malyficent Inspired

Cardigan: Vero Moda, Luzern
Beanie & Scarve: H&M, Zug
Shirt: Yves Saint Laurent, Online
Leather Pants: Zara, Zürich
Heels: Choice, Sihlcity Zürich
Purse: MCM, Leder Locher Zurich
Make up: MAC CosmeticsNYXKIKO MILANO

-Pictures & Edit by Chanthyl-

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