April 24, 2015

New Shades of Nude

Good Shoe-News Folks!!! 

Did you already hear the breaking good news? Louboutin expands the colors of the "Nude" collection! Yayyy, these are really good news to start the weekend. 

According to "The Cut (NYMAG)" they were revealed some days ago at Bergdorf Goodman. The inspiration for the new nude silhouettes came from the desire to offer shades that matches different women all over the world, who want to wear Shoes matching their skin color. 

As a matter of fact, Christian Louboutin plans even more shades for next year to complete the total range of skin tones. 

Yes Ladies, we should be excited about that!! Forget about Christian Grey, here comes the Shades of Christian Louboutin....

and....We looooveeee it!!! 

Wish ya'll a nice weekend!

CL (Co-Author)

Photo: Kat Irlin

(Sources nymag.com/thecut)

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