Mai 15, 2015

CL loves CL Ombré

Hey Luvs

How are you today on this rainy Friday after Ascension Day? I had a good start so far, even it was hard to leave the bed.....but guess what I found? Ombré Loubis!!! Yes, Ombré Loubis!! Me, as a big big Christian Louboutin-Fan, I almost cracked up - true story - all I can say is: OHHHH EMMM GEEEE, I absofu*kinglutely need the Christian Louboutin Ombré.....asap!!

yesyesyes, WE LOVE IT.....who else does??? (Leave a comment ;))

we wish ya'll a fast Friday and a wonderful weekend!!!

CL ;)
Team Malyficent

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