Juli 22, 2016

Guess who's back?

Back in the 90's
Hello and good morning Lovebirdies!! 

Hope ya'll doing good and ya'll are happy as I am, that the weeeeeeekend is really really close! So, what are you guys planning to do?

Before weekend comes, I need to talk about a new old trend. And seriously I am so happy, that it is back!! I'm talking about the 90s jewellery trend that can transform any outfit from one style into another (#truestory). So do you all remember, that back in the 90s all the women and girls were wearing these black ribbons around their necks? Yes right, I am talking about the Choker-Necklace!!! The 90s choker of velvet, metal, rhinestone or leather has been now seen on several celebrities necks like Riri's, Gigi's, Kendall's, Miley's, Kim's or even little Miss Nori's neck. I did also put that black ribbon back around my neck some weeks ago and I must confess, that I also loved it back then in the 90s when it was the latest sh*t! Probably one of my first accessoires I bought myself to be fash in school! So let's see who's setting the trend (besides me, HAHA)!  

Just for you to know, there are so many cool ways to wear the choker. Not only the different materials make a difference but also how you combine it can move mountains (style-mountains haha). 

I googled some varieties for my and your inspirations and I have to say, I love 'em all!! That's why I traipsed around every store (even the art supply store) already to buy myself all kind of chokers and being well-equipped - haha. 

So, let's see: 

So what do you think? You like it? I think it is great, that trends from the 90s are coming back. I loved the 90s. And yeah at the beginning of the 2000 everybody was like: "OMG the trends of the 90s where awful bla bla bla". But it is the same with the trends of the 80s, 70s or 60s, once it is entirely out of order and the next moment it's the latest trend you can't go without....This is the circle of Fashion! It goes around and comes back around! Wonderful. That's why I love fashion and struggle to throw things away from my closet haha....Fashion is a part of history and I personally do also connect it with lots of memories like "Oh, this was the evening you wore this and that". And for me it is a way to express yourself any more than other! Amen!

PS. My personal favorite choker is the thin leatherband. Hahaha look at that Snapchat Face...

yours sincerely and I wish ya'll a super awesome weekend! 

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