Dezember 05, 2016

Pre-Christmas-Time equal Shopping-Time

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Dear Lovebirds

Yeah long time since my last post. I know I know. But as you know it's not always easy, if you try to make your own business and work, have family, have a kid and a household and friends you wanna see once a while...all this robs a lot of time. Now, I will really try to keep up. But yeah, please never hesitate to keep contacting me for business inquiries or let me know whenever you need a Stylist, Personalshopper or someone to plan a fancy Photoshoot for you. Still doing my work and preparing new stuff as well and I am happy to practise what I love to do and if I help you with that, the better it is, right?

As a Shopping-Pro I just wanna draw your attention to the wonderful Pre-Christmas-Time. You know what this time means to me? Pre-Christmas-Time is the best time to go Shopping. For your loved ones or just for yourself. Yep, I buy myself a lot of Christmas presents, becaus I deserve my love too haha! No seriously, I love to go shopping in that time. Wonderful decorations, good music in the stores and  everywhere Christmastrees and lights and reasons to go for a hot Chocolate at Starkbucks. Awesome. This makes shopping-trips even better, am I right? So if you need ideas or a helper for your Christmas Shopping or you just try to find something and don't know where to get it, just let me know. I would love to support and deliberate you! Because I will find a way. If it's about shoppping I am the real Pro. Believe me 😂

And if you are not the type of Shopper check out the links and banner on the right side of my page and you will find a lot of special deals and good shops to buy all your Christmaspresents online (online Shopping, no makeup, no pants, no problem). You can't go wrong with buying some nice clothes, shoe's, make up or books for your loved ones. Check it out, register and buy all those fancy stuff, hihi. I for sure will! And note: ASOS has now final reductions up to 70%!! Also Manor and Jelmoli do have special Sales!!! Yes, you better check it out asap!!! You know wassup: SALE SHOPPING, half the money - double the FUN! 😈😇

Ok folks, you know what you have to do now!! Promise, I'll be back very soon and I'm gonna tell you something about a very nice store I went some months ago. I know I still owe you this one...

Love love love and shop 'til you drop my Shopping Queens!! Whuuuuhuu!
Your sincerely, 
Malyficent Inspired  
The Shopping-Pro

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