Dezember 08, 2014

Hashtag #Inspiredbylook

You can find me with #inspiredbylook

I started with my Instagram Account Malyficent_inspired because I wanted to show my #inspiredbylooks to the world ;). (You can find my Looks with Hasthag #inspiredbylook on Instagram) I always loved to copy Celebrity-Looks and it became an Obsession. Here four of my #inspiredbylooks with Links to the stores where I purchased my Outfits. Enjoy!

yours sincerely,

#inspiredbylook Inspired by "Break the internet"Star Kim Kardashian West. You know nowadays, whether you are interested or not, it's all about the Kardashians, Kimye or North West. You can't go a day without hearing something of the Reality-Clan. (Newest: Kourtney&Khloé Take The Hamptons) My Outfit: All by H&M.
I definitly LOVE H&M.

#inspiredbylook Inspired by Newlymom Rachel Bilson. She and Christensen Hayden aka Anakin Skywalker aka Darth Vader and Babygirl Briar Rose must be one good looking Family...My Outfit: Jeans by Only, Shoes by Ninewest and Knit-Sweater by Blackout.

#inspiredbylook Inspiration comes from the beautiest Eva Longoria playing Gabrielle Solis in one of my favorite Dramedy Desperates Housewives! My outfit: Blouse by Zara, Shorts by H&M, Shoes by Choice

#inspiredbylook Inspired by Giuliana Rancic (Giuliana & Bill and Fashion Police, E!Online) The look is simple but still sexy and feminin and pimped up with a Statement Necklace. In love with this not "overdressed-sexy" look. My Dress, Shoes and Necklace all by H&M. (Btw It's magical holidays at H&M. A nice collection in Stores. A collab with Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett. Watch the Video! Love it! I'll be at H&M very soon!!)

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