Dezember 29, 2014

Urban and Edgy Winter 2015

Hey ya'll...yes I'm still alive ;) I know its been a while since my last Post. Sorry for the silent period. As you can imagine, lots was going on during the Holidays - and its not finish yet ;)

Hope you all had a peaceful and jolly Christmastime with your Family and Friends! Mine was great. I spent a lot of time with my family and ate a lot and helped my son to unwrappe the thousands of presents he got. It really was the time to calm down and distract from the daily stress. We took it easy, spent some Qualitytime with family and friends, relaxed, ate, drank and were merry! No Diet, smiling, being happy and chilled, watched Christmas Movies, listened and sang Christmas Songs and did some Shopping in between. Just Joyful! Hope you had the same! Now time is here to brace yourself for the up coming "New Year, New Me"-Time and think about your Resolutions you gonna break in 2015 ;) But before its time to think about the resolutions, one important Fashion-Question, after this sudden weather-change is WHAT TO WEAR?.....Snow, Winter and Cold days....since Snow has finally arrived a few days ago, after CHRISTMAS(!!!).

Are you ready and prepared for Snowy and cold days? Or did you think Global Warming is taking over anyway?! I Am ready. I really love Winterfashion. Cause its warm, cozy and fluffy....I know a lot of people prefer the warm weather..but I dont...I really love cozy cold days, where you can put on all your knited Scarfs, Cardigans and wear cool boots and drink Hot Chocolate and ate warm Soups...I am always saying: "If its cold, you can put more clothes on...but if its hot...somewhen the limit is reached by being naked..soooo....COLD and CHIC Days for me to come ;)) (of course I do also love Summer and Sun...but now lets concentrate on Winter) What I am thinking about this year is an Urban and Edgy Winter 2015. Currently I'm so in an Urban and Edgy Mood. Not becaus I'm depressed or something. It's just because I love the Style and Colors it comes with. 

Here are only some of my MUST HAVE pieces for an URBAN EDGY WINTER 2015!! Of course the Possibilities for that style are HUUUUGEEEEE.........but enjoy my Choice of must must must must Haves!!!

yours sincerely,

Long Bershka Cardigan
Bershka Lammskin Coat / Trilby

Kimono Bershka Jacquard Animal Print

Bershka Poncho with Fringes

Military-Blücher Bershka

My current favorite Shoes: Dr. Martens in Burgundy
Black Boots
ZARA Knit Cardigan with Scarf Collar
ZARA BIG Knit Scarf
ZARA Leather Boots

SET BOUCLé Knit Cardigan (my absolute favorite Piece this Year)

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