Januar 08, 2015

Infinity x Infinity

New Year, New Addiction! 

That I'm susceptible for Addictions was always clear. My mom always told me to be careful, cause she got the dent, that I could be prone for every kind of addiction. Hahaha lucky for her, that one of my biggest addiction issues are TV Shows i.e. TV Series (next to Shopping of course). And I must confess it affects every kind of Serie. As I start, I am addicted. HAHA...But hey better than being addicted to something much more worse like Alcohol or Drugs....am I right? 

Ok back to my Intention to write this Blog. My newest addiction is just soooo mindblowing, that I wanted to share my feelings about it! I just love my new American Primetime Television Series. Indeed I'm a little late, cause it already started 3 Years ago and friends always kept telling me: "Watch it, watch it" and it tooked so long for me to start, because I was busy with other Series. But now I have start watching it and I am soooooooooooooooooooo obsessed with it. Really. I already liked it after 15min of Episode 1 and now after watching the whole Season 1 I am completly and deeply in LOVE with it...no, its even more. It is a freaking OBSESSION!!! Can't help myself! Just love the Story, the "making of" i.e. how it is implemented (after the Originalstory "The Count of Monte Christo") and the gorgeous Cast and the Characters!

Its an US drama starring Emily VanCamp (who is btw in real life in relationship with Josh Bowman - Daniel Grayson) as Emily Thorne, who pursue her affluent enemies in the Hamptons using an assumed identity to gain revenge on those responsible for wrecking her childhood.

For those who didnt watched it by now! Start, right now!! It is really sooooooooo thrilling and nerv-wracking (in a positiv way!). You wont regret it. 

Now as all my others Series like "Walking Dead", "Game of Thrones" or "Homeland" have a break or are finish, take the chance for a bridging or compensation and watch "Revenge"!!! 

Today Imma start with Season 2. So excited bout it, after this suspenseful Final of Season 1. All I can say is: "I wished I have a friend like Nolan Ross". (Not only because of his Money ;)).He is great and definitly my favorite Character next to Emily.

yours sincerely and Infinity x Infinity,

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