November 17, 2015

School of Life

Hello everyone

It’s time to talk about someone who just came into my life like 13 weeks ago and already has a big influence in my being and took me to a new level of mind setting. Maybe you already noticed, that positive thinking is a big part of my life, which I attach a lot importance to. In case you didn’t, check out my older blogs ;-) ...

I was so deep in this content that I started to read books about it and listening to motivation speeches on youtube on a daily basis. From the beginning I knew, that’s the way I want to live!! I want to live the life I want, I want to do what I love and want to. I want to be my own boss! I don’t want to be a random number in anybody’s world. I want to create my own world, my own destiny.

The best example for me was the hard work I put into my training. My body was changing in a good way because of my attitude. I want it to process, I want it so bad it became my passion and nothing could have stop me to reach my goal. Yes, I know, still a long way to go, but I’m not that skinny guy back then in 2010 anymore. I weighed 56 to 58 kg and lifted 30kg on the bench-press (and nearly died). No, now I’m a 68-70kg guy, who lifts 90kg. And you know what? I am damn proud!

*Yes… I’m taking a really deep breath, just to enjoy these words and this moment :)*

Let’s get back to the topic of this blog.
In my blog “losing and finding motivation” I’ve mentioned a facebook post about an academy called Swiss Nutrition & Fitness Academy, short SNFA. Birol Isik and Daniela Lovric created this academy for people who want to get out of the system, for people who try to live their dreams. Birol Isik made the decision to change his life three years ago. He was sick of the regular system in our lifes and he knew he got to change something, not just for him, no, for as many people as he can reach. When I first read this post, I was like, everything sounds nice and good, but the diploma is not approved by Swiss federal schools neither by any fitness centres. But still, I couldn’t stop to read it again and again. Everything just felt right, except of this one detail. Regardless I decided to fill in the contact formula with no expectation of an answer. But the day after, Birol Isik called me and we made an appointment.

Three days later we met at his unfinished centre, just to get to know each other. My first impressions were great. It felt good, the relief that I wasn’t the only one who’s mind setting/the mental aspect of life was so important. No, Birol lives it to the fullest and he is by far more into it than me. He has already reached a level, which is unbelievable to me. Back then, I already realised, that this guy can change my life. He has the ability and the knowledge to take me to another level. So I decided to sign into his academy. There was just one hitch, he doesn’t work with everybody. He chooses his students and only picks people he wants to work with. For me, I had to wait, until he gave me his feedback.
Surprisingly he called me back two days later and told me, in terms I want to, I could join the academy and we can start to work together.

A weekend after this happened; he finally opened his and Daniela Lovric’s centre. After 3 years of heartfelt hard work, they finally made it. You could see their happiness and the fulfilled feeling in their eyes. That was just a proud moment for them both. Congratulation!

9 weeks ago, I started with the academy; the first part was mental coaching & Sales. And damn… it couldn’t have start anyway better than this. Like I said, Birol's mental level is so deep. I just sat in class and listen to his words.. The hours flew by like in a wink of an eye. Crazy!!! I mean, who else can say “I love to go to school” or “I can’t wait for the next lesson”

It’s unbelievable what he already has changed in my mind and in my belief what I can reach. Now I know I can really become and get what I want and no one can stop me except me!

Yeah, it sounds very simple and like a sentence you hear and read every day. But if you really know, what these words mean, the true power of them, you wouldn’t sit here and read this. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very fortunate and happy that you read my blog, but if you really know the power of “no one can stop me except me”, you would do everything to get what you deserve, every single time with no break and no excuses!

Now I just want to take a moment and say some words to Birol:
Man, I can’t describe in words how thankful I am. Your energy, your spirit, your mind setting are so unbelievable deep. Because of you, I know I’m not the only one who thinks different and now I really believe in myself! You’ve gave me the strength I never had! You told me to be proud of who I am and to love myself! Since I met you, I realised that I didn’t really know myself, who am I? What do I really want? Where am I really from? I know so many stats about basketball players I look up to, but I never had my own. Now, I started to make my own stats, to get to know myself in a new way and it feels so good to see all the good things about myself. Thank you so much! I really look up to you and it’s so inspiring that you share your energy to try to help other human beings! I do deeply appreciate it. I promise, one day, I pass the spirit I’ve learned from you and help other people to make the world to be a better place!
Hmm I think that’s it. I could write a couple more hours, but not yet :) it’s to be continued..

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Cheers Soopy

"Die SNF AG - Swiss Nutrition & Fitness AG bietet Vorträge, Seminare und Workshops in den Bereichen Ernährung, Sport, Gesundheit, mentale Stärke, Verkauf & Kommunikation für Firmen und Privatkunden an. Ausserdem bilden wir Ernährungscoaches, Personaltrainer und Ausbildner/ Experten im Bereich Gesundheit aus." (Quelle

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