Oktober 02, 2015


Hey Guys!

We got something NEW for you! For the first time we will show you some music.

Are you ready for sick beats? My Friends, the 23 year old twin-brothers Edi and Armin a.k.a Big Boys DJs have dropped their first EP * HEART OF A LION *!!! You can’t tell how proud I am! And this not just because we know each other - I guess - more than 10 years! I am also proud of their success. They’re now established Club Djs here in Switzerland and also super talented producers. 

I always knew, that music runs thru their blood... As long as I know them they were always loud and pretty extroverted. When we were younger, my sister and I almost spend every day with them.. although our parents didn’t like it...LOL!! We didn’t do much, just walking around the village or hanging out somewhere.. but what we always did while doing "nothing", was listen to music.

They have the love to Music and the addiction to soccer-sports in common. The different in sport is they’re cheering for different Teams. Edi is a Tottenham Hotspurs supporter and Armin is a big Manchester United fan, he even has a Tattoo with the inscription of the team.. How crazy is that?? 

But whatever belongs to Music, they become one. They were always more interested to the world of music than me, although Edi and Armin were a few years younger than I ;) 

You can hear the affection to urban beats on their tracks. They didn’t swim with the crowd, at the age of 13. They were more attracted to the sound of underground and oldschool hip hop instead of someone like Chris Brown and that was very admiring. I guess that was also the influence of their older brothers :) But now their range of music taste is bigger and with lots of variety. You can tell by seeing how full the Clubs are, when they’re on the scratch. 

Oh, what I really like to mention as well is, that they already tried to rap when they were kids and recorded it on a tape - OMG that tape was SO CUTE!!! My sister and I loved it so much and we listen it a lot...that's why we still know a huge part of the lyrics lol..

Long story short… Edi and Armin live for Music, Soccer and KANYE WEST! 

The EP is inspired by different music genres. It features songs with Atterbury (UK), Cody Brandell (USA), B.Steels (USA), Jon Lewis (USA) and their first Single “Only One” with the soul-singer Mickey Blue from Canada.

Sooooo grab your wallet and buy their EP on iTunes or Google Play Store! It is worth your money, I promise.

Don’t forget to follow them on Instagram, Facebook and check out their Homepage www.bigboysmusic.ch

Keep calm and listen to Big Boys music

Xo Chanthy (CL)

(pictures via bigboysmusic.ch)

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