Oktober 05, 2015

Photoshooting Day

Dear Friends

Maybe you might already catched up, that we had our first collaboration!!! This weekend we finally had our photoshooting day, which went very well. We had a blast and I think the pictures came out really good. We are now editing the pictures and soon you'll be able to read our blog about that day and bout our first collaboration and see how the pix came out. As the day was really exhausting we ended it up with a short "Apéro" at TAXI meets BRÜHNETT in Wädenswil and chattet real quick with our new friends from TaxiClothing. Thanks for having us!! It was such a pleasure!!! 

So well, have a nice day guys and stay tuned, we'll keep you updated - btw new Projects are also already on the run :) !!

yours sincerely,

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