Juni 10, 2016

New release by Kylie Cosmetics "Dead of Knight"

Good morning my beautiful MakeUp Addicts!!

Yayyyy it's Friday, the sun is shining and weekend is just ahead!! What a day!!!

Yes, today I am talking to the makeup addicts. As the most of you might already know or read, Kylie Jenner respectively @Kyliecosmetics announced last week, that Kylie Cosmetics will expand their collection and a new shade will be launched this month. They were talking about the Shade "KyMajesty" which I really liked when I saw it....absolutely my kind of color or I would say: "Love at first sight"!!!

KyMajesty, FKA "Majesty" is a Metal Matte with a metallic finish and serious sheen and if I am not wrong it also has a little blue tone. Really really nice, as I am very into these metallic finishes atm!! Super edgy, grunge, fresh (somehow) and mysterious for the upcoming summer! 

But then a few days ago they dropped another bombshell with another post on Instagram, which confused me a bit. They (@kyliecosmetics) where talking about a suprise and the picture showed a splash of color (black) and I was like...noooo..that's not "KyMajesty". I was wondering and then the answer came with the next post. It said:

"DEAD OF KNIGHT this shade is for you guys! When I asked what lip kit you would love to see next for Kylie Cosmetics the majority of you surprisingly said BLACK! So before I release KyMajesty... my black lip kit is coming this Friday!"

Oh ok, so they first go for black "Dead of Knight". Why not? I do also love black and I am also excited for this shade, even I personally prefer to have "KyMajesty" first....but who would ever ask me....? hahaha - no problem, I don't take this personally ;) 

Yes Ladies this Friday, that means TODAY, June 10, 2016...that means prepare yourself right now! Go online immediately (https://www.kyliecosmetics.com/) and update every minute so you don't miss the go-live! haha...I bet it will be sold out in minutes! So hurry up Ladies!!! (SMH - so many makeup junkies and addicts out there...haha)

To conclude...doesn't matter if black, metal, blue whatever...I am happy about every new releases in cosmetics as I belong to the group of makeup addicts and junkies (I herewith admit). We love em all and we want em all, right? Even when the prices are horrifying :(

My dears that's it for today! Have a very nice day, enjoy your weekend with friends and family and today I cross fingers for you, that your onlineshopping will be successful! #peaceout 

yours sincerely,
Malyficent Inspired

KyMajesty - Metal Matte

The Bombshell Instagram Post on +kyliecosmetics 

"Dead of the Knight"


Pictures by @kyliecosmetics / +kyliecosmetics / www.kyliecosmetics.com

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