Mai 18, 2015

It's another Mani-Monday

Hey my Lovebirds

The sun is shining and a new week has started. Yes right, it's regular Monday, no it's Mani-Monday ladies!! So how does your nails look like today? Nude, red, neon, dark, pastell or even metallic or chrome? My manicure was kinda mouse-grey til yesterday and then I got inspired by the "most-talked-about" it-girl Kylie Jenner. I checked out her Instagram yesterday evening and saw one picture of her nails and I was blown away!! Golden metallic chrome look nails!! I always loved the metallic, chrome nails and therefore already bought tons of, yes really a lot of nailpolishes just to find my perfect metallic, chrome looking nail polish. Unfortunately I had to find out, that it's unrealistic to find a polish which looks like real "Chromium" (like all those chromed Lambos of those Sheiks in Dubai or Abu Dhabi). So I had to switch to foil and fake nails, what was kinda ok for a while. Now as I saw Kylie's Nail I was send back to my "I-need-metallic-chrome-nails-now"-stage.  So on this Mani-Monday I wear a little metallic. ;) 

The nailpolish I wear is one of em which comes the closest to the chrome metallic look, that promisses a "reflective mirror finish". It's from the Gwen Stefani OPI Collection: "Push and Shove" but “Like all limited engagement events, Push and Shove is intended for One Night Only wear.” (it says on the packaging) It comes in a duet pack, a accompanying base coat "Lay down that base" and then "Push and Shove" itself! What is very important about it, is to wear it without a top coat. 

The polish is really nice and yes it comes close to the chrome, metallic look, but as it says on the packging, it only last for one night. I must say it looks good for one day, quite ok the second and third day, but then you have to remove it. It looses its chrome look and will be kinda blunt. But I'm fine with that! Btw, I also tried it with top coat, but please don't do it. It will completely loose its Chrome look and become a random silver nail polish - what is not our intention, when we are looking for chromed Lambos! :)

Well try it yourself. Imma find out, what Kylie is wearing ;))) (maybe maybe among others, something feasible with "OPI's Don't speak"...let me find out ;)

love love love love 
yours sincerely,

Kylie Jenner's super hot Metallic Chrome Look Nails
My Mani-Monday "Push and Shove" Chrome Metallic Look by OPI 

via Push&Shome Chrome by OPI, Gwen Stefani

Push & Shove by OPI

Chrome Look Lambo: First Gold Plated Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 via Youtube

Mai 15, 2015

CL loves CL Ombré

Hey Luvs

How are you today on this rainy Friday after Ascension Day? I had a good start so far, even it was hard to leave the bed.....but guess what I found? Ombré Loubis!!! Yes, Ombré Loubis!! Me, as a big big Christian Louboutin-Fan, I almost cracked up - true story - all I can say is: OHHHH EMMM GEEEE, I absofu*kinglutely need the Christian Louboutin Ombré.....asap!!

yesyesyes, WE LOVE IT.....who else does??? (Leave a comment ;))

we wish ya'll a fast Friday and a wonderful weekend!!!

CL ;)
Team Malyficent

Mai 12, 2015

Shop my Selection

Hey Dolls!

Today I feel like going on a shopping spree, but I can't, as I have some stuff to be settled. So, that's the reason why I just checked some online stores for some inspo and creativity. Well, this is the result. My picks of the day! Check the links to shop my selection!

yours sincerely, 

Shop my Selection

Shop my Selection:
57 CHF -

Miss Selfridge Top

Crop Top

Levi's Shorts
70 CHF -

Highwaist Skirt
18 CHF -

300 CHF -

Windsor Smith heavy bottomed Sandals
155 CHF -

Strap Sandals

Straw Hat - Panama Hat
21 CHF -

Mai 06, 2015

Mother's Day

Are you ready for mother's day this Sunday? If not,  Jelmoli, my favorite house of brands, has some nice suggestions, what a stylish and moderne Mom's might love to have (Link below) !! :) And if this is too much to decide, just say it with can't go wrong with flowers!!! My personal suggestion due to May are my favorite flowers PEONIES <3

yours sincerely,



Rainy Days

Hello Lovebirds,

On these rainy days, I'm reminiscing the super-hot springdays we had early this year. I really hope, that this kind of weather will honour us again very soon, as I checked out the new Summer- and Beach Fashion of H&M and I absolutely fell in love with it (compare link below). Really really fresh, nice and sexy. I definitely will go and get some pieces of this collection.

Back to the reminiscing ;) Dunno, if you've already seen this picture on my Instagram account of my latest photoshooting. Loved that workday we had and I admit, I'm really happy with the results of it. Will post some more pictures soon. Beforehand a lil teaser for you with my favorite picture of the Photoshoot. Be patient and thank you for keep showing me L.O.V.E. Love ya'll and don't forget, only two more days until weekend! 

yours sincerely,

The Outfit / Get the Look:

Dress: H&M Zug (SALE)
Jacket: H&M Zurich
Purse: Vintage
Hat: H&M Zug

Current Summer and Beach Collection of H&M  Absolutely Gorgeous!!

Mai 02, 2015

Coachella - Walk on Air

Hey Lovers

I was talking about the bohemia, gipsy, Coachella style before in my post about flashtattoos. Well, this is what I it? I definitly looove it. Summerfestival season, I'm ready!!!

yours sincerely,

Coachella - Walk on Air

Shop my Selection:
Topshop top
36 CHF -

High-waisted shorts
37 CHF -

Wet Seal black sandals
19 CHF -

Brown bag
33 CHF -

Akira chain bracelet
23 CHF -

Mudd long necklace
11 CHF -

Chan Luu wrap bracelet
160 CHF -

Bee Goddess feather earrings
640 CHF -

Pink Ice Bohemian Mix Metallic Tattoos
7.47 CHF -

Topshop straw hat
32 CHF -

Cat eye glasses
37 CHF -

Laura Mercier lip gloss
28 CHF -

Mink false eyelash
36 CHF -

Kate Spade perfume 
70 CHF -

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