April 28, 2015

New favorite Accessoire for Summer 2015

Hey Loves

I'm back from vacas and right back at work with a new trend for this summer ;) While I was absent, "CL" hold the fort and made a really good job. Yap, we really love the new H&M Conscious Exclusive Collection and the beautiful new nudes from Louboutin. Just gooorgeouuus!!! But who is "CL"? Of course I will take the chance to tell you more bout my new team later in a separate Blog. But first let us time for the whole reorganization. ;) All I can tell is, that I'm so excited about everything what happened and will happen! Nothing better than work with and in a great team.

Now back to my new favorite accessoire for this summer. METALLIC TATTOOS. I really really fell in love em!!! The trend is kinda Bohemia & Gipsy and this is the look I love for the Summer- aka Festivalseason. (Remember Coachella

Perfect to combine with Chrochet, Suede, Jeans, Benjy, White Clothes, Fedoras and everything that looks like Gipsy meets Summerfestivals. Just love the style...it is a style which is always appropriate during summer. Super stylish and cozy at the same time. What more you want?! It is the style for all the free birds among us. <3

So what I want to say...go and get these Metallic Tattoos!!! I loved them from second one and I guess this Summer you won't see me without em!! No no no no....

"The free soul is rare, but you know it when you see it - basically because you feel good, very good, when you are near or with them" - Charles Bukowski

Thanks for reading and showing love. <3 

yours sincerely,


April 24, 2015

New Shades of Nude

Good Shoe-News Folks!!! 

Did you already hear the breaking good news? Louboutin expands the colors of the "Nude" collection! Yayyy, these are really good news to start the weekend. 

According to "The Cut (NYMAG)" they were revealed some days ago at Bergdorf Goodman. The inspiration for the new nude silhouettes came from the desire to offer shades that matches different women all over the world, who want to wear Shoes matching their skin color. 

As a matter of fact, Christian Louboutin plans even more shades for next year to complete the total range of skin tones. 

Yes Ladies, we should be excited about that!! Forget about Christian Grey, here comes the Shades of Christian Louboutin....

and....We looooveeee it!!! 

Wish ya'll a nice weekend!

CL (Co-Author)

Photo: Kat Irlin

(Sources nymag.com/thecut)

April 21, 2015

H&M Conscious Exclusive F/S 2015

Endlich ist es wieder soweit, H&M hat die neue "Conscious Exclusive F/S 2015" Kollektion herausgebracht - Präsentiert von der Schauspielerin Olivia Wilde. AND WE LOVE IT!!!! 


"Stil und Bewusstsein, nicht das Eine oder das Andere. So sollte Mode immer sein." H&M

aber seht selbst....

(sources www.hm.com/ch)

April 13, 2015

It's Toe-Time

Show off your Toes


Spring is here and day by day we have more hours of Sun...I would say its about time to go to the pedicure, bring out your "Open Toe" Heels and SHOW OFF YOUR TOES!!

I'm super excited, that the "Toe-Season" is back. Love to wear Sandals and groove your outfits with it and feel sexy! "A Shoe has so much more to offer than just to walk" - Christian Louboutin -

So here are some of my Favorites for this Season. (Also some Flats for the Bad-Toes-Days :))

Cheeriooo and yours sincerely, 

Narrow shoes
110 CHF - nastygal.com

Jeffrey Campbell black stiletto
200 CHF - nastygal.com

Chanel espadrilles shoes

Balenciaga ankle strap sandals
950 CHF - balenciaga.com

Giuseppe Zanotti leather sole sandals
1'335 CHF - ssense.com

Yves Saint Laurent heeled sandals
780 CHF - net-a-porter.com

Nine West pointy flat
59 CHF - ninewest.com

High heels stiletto
86 CHF - nastygal.com

April 01, 2015


Sorry Guys for never posting something the last weeks. I found out that the snow is still on and very nice to go Snowboarding. Thats why I took a late, little "Winter/Spring/Snowboard Break" and enjoy my rides on the Slopes of FlumserbergBut no worries, things are still "On the Go". Just wanted to give you a little sign of life! :)

Well, I'll be back very soon and 'til then keep your heads up! Btw, can't wait....Easter is sooo near what means lots of preparations to be done toooooo......omg....

love love love love <3
yours sincerely, 

PS Keep liking and commenting (Blog, Lookbook and Instagram. You'll find the Links under Links)..... xoxo
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