April 29, 2016

Sephora goes Switzerland

To all my Makeup addicts and lover

GET THIS Beatuyqueens!!! This week some very very good news reached my eyes and ears....yaaassss, the rumors are true SEPHORA IS FINALLY COMING TO SWITZERLAND!!!! Yes I know, this is aaaaweeeeeesoooomeeee!!!

April 26, 2016

Seafood made in Italy

Hey my Dears

Some weeks ago my brother and I had the honor to be invited by Contept, ICE-ITA (Italian Agency for external trade) and the Italian fisherie association Federpesca to The Dolder Grand in Zürich for some Italian Seafood tasting. As you already know, it is nothing new, that Italian food in general is mostly the most favorite kitchen of every foodie/gourmet. So it was clear, that we wouldn't deny an invitation, where we could taste Italian food :).

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Halloween Countdown starts now

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