Oktober 12, 2015

Mi Vida Loca - Kat von D Beauty Launch

Dear Lovebirds,

let me tell you a great story!!!

October 9, 2015 in Barcelona - for most catalan an ordinary day, but definitely not for me and hundrets of other Kat von D Fans! ...

Two weeks ago, when I scrolled trough @katvondbeauty's Instagram feed and saw this one post, which directly jumped into my eyes and gave me a rapid heartbeat. It said, that KatvonD Beauty / Sephora will have their first launch of Kat von D's make-up line in Europe, yes the very first time, and this with a meet'n'greet with Kat von D herself in Spain (Madrid and Barcelona). I was waiting for that day like forever!!

For me, as a big big big big KAT VON D fan, her make-up collection wasn't anything new. I am lucky to already owe some pieces of KVD's Beautyline...bought it back then when I was in LA and New York. I really us em a lot and aboslutely love the wrapping aka the design and all the items like eyeshadow palettes, the famous Tattoo Liner, Lipstick with gorgeous colors and the contouring palette.The getup is totally Kat-Style what means my style. Every time I visited a Sephora in Europe I was seeking for KATvonD Beauty counters. Unfortunately without success. No wonder, it was never launched outside of the States. Then some month ago I got to hear that it was launched in the Emirates which gave me hope, that someday it will happen, that I can buy KVD make up in one of the cities, which are not too far from Switzerland. 

Well, after I read the good news I immediately contacted my team and asked who would join me on a spontanious trip to Spain. Finally my brother had to consent to be my company on this trip. When we decided to go it was just two weeks ahead the launch. Here and there I had doubts about going, because I wasn't sure, if we would really meet her at the end. After all it would cost us a lot of money and time. But my brother and my love to Kat convienced me to go. We choosed Barcelona, simply because we love Barcelona and we know the town good enough to not get lost and lose time ;) We booked our flights - Friday to Saturday - and knew it gonna be a hard but profitable weekend, at least for me :/. Finally my big dream to meet my KAT VON D will come true, after I was in LA before in her Tattoo Shop High Voltage and missed her, I almost gave up to ever meet her. 

October 9, 2015, 6.29 am, time for me to catch the train to the airport. Take off to Barcelona at 9.35 am. We landed in Barcelon at 11.10 am and the adventure startet right then. Not to bore you I won't tell you all details, but for sure the highlights. 

First destination was Sephora Triangle, which was in the center of Barcelona right next to the famous La Rambla. Our imagination was, that we will spend the whole day in front of the Sephora waiting. But when we arrived there, there was no buzzed crowed or something like that. At Sephora were a lot of huge placards and other commercials for KATvonD Beauty (see the pictures). The Sephora stuff told us, that we have to buy at least one product of her line (challenge accepted!!!) and then you will get the VIP bracelet which will allows you to attend the meet'n'greet in the evening starting 6.30 pm, when Kat arrives. Now being sure I got to meet her made me super nervous and jittery - i felt like a teenager again haha. To calm down we took the spare time to have a little shopping time at La Rambla and went for lunch at the famous and beautiful mercado in the middle of Barcelona. As always the blaze of colours at the mercado blew us away and the food was fantastic. After a cozy afternoon, we headed back to Sephora.

Queue in line it was only a question of time when I will meet my "wifey" Kat. Hours and hours after standing in front of Sephora, meeting nice people, KVD Fans and the Sephora Stuff, the moment was right in front of me. We took the escalator to downstairs. My heartbeat was superfast and I couldn't stop to grin hahaha...I probably looked like grinch, but I couldn't hold my emotions. Then downstairs when I saw her..woooowwww...I was just amazed. This woman is just flawlessss and perfect!! And no, she didn't seem to be arrogant or smug. Au contraire, she seemed super polite, pleasant, down to earth, lovingly and just adorable. 

Then when it came to my turn it felt like I knew her personally all my life. First thing she said to me was that she loves my shirt (it was a High Voltage Shirt of her older collection) and the ice was broken. We hugged each other and had a short but super friendly and close conversation..she signed my book, made a selfie with me and took the surprise I had for her in the book with a big smile and told me she gonna read it in the evening and gave me a grateful feeling. People, I tell you she is such a nice person, a buddy, a good dude!! We really had a nice talk and I felt absolutely perceived by her. For goodbye :( I hugged her again and with a "I love you Kat". Her words to me before I made place for the next in queue was "I love you tooo, and by the way you look so beautiful, thank you for waiting so long to see me" I WAS COMPLETELY BLOWN AWAY!!!!! Shaking all over!!! Happiest girl ever!! hahaha - I probably will never forget that moment!

After this rollarcoaster I couldn't stop to smile...my brother only shaked his head but felt happy for me. He knew how crazy I am about Kat. He by the way enjoyed the kisses from her too und was also delightet by her. Who wouldn't?! I was really happy, after I finally met one of the person who had affected and inspired me to chase and to fulfill my dreams, to keep the head up after disappointements and hard times and to stay strong no matter what. She is for real somebody who went through a lot, but still keep going and does whatever she wants to and be successul and smiling. Although the whole Sephora was covered with her face she was down to earth and spend hours after hours, smiling, hugging and chatting with her fans, taking pictures, selfies and signing stuff and didn't show any tiredness or seemed annoyed or something like that. Just adorable!! 

I also have to mention, that the Sephora Triangle Stuff made such a good job. The advertising was beautiful, the organization of the event was super professional and nice at the same time. They came by with sweets and water and had small talks with the people in line. Everything was peaceful and everybody got along with each other. Perfect athmosphere. Herewith compliment to the Sephora Triangle Staff.

Résumé: What a day!!! No regrets, still adoring Kat von D, even more in love with one of my favorite cities Barcelona, blessed with new qualitytime with my brother and a little bit tired. But it was all worth it!! I would do it again and again and again.

Saturday morning we headed back to Zürich after some hours at the airport Barcelona hahah...yes, we didn't booked a hotel, as we ended up the day with an ampler dinner at the beach at our favorite restaurant Moncho's at the Icaria Beach and as we had the first flight of the day...there were no time to sleep anyway. Haha Last words to say....a big big "Thank you" to my brother, who made everything possible and who I love deeply and look up to, even I'm the older one :/. Couldn't imagine my life without that guy!!!!!

Check the pictures of our KVD-adventure and the flipagram video!! :) Good night! 

yours sincerely, 

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