Oktober 15, 2015

TAXI CLOTHING a swiss clothing label

Hey Friends

Now finally, we are able to present you the results of our first collaboration with TaxiClothing, a young swiss clothing label based in Zürich. Not that we only had the chance to wear those cool clothes and carry the amazing accessoires, no we also gained new like-minded friends! We all love comfy, sporty and urban streetwear which adventurer and free-minded person would wear. So, if you like adventure and sport (maybe extrem sport) or if you are a globetrotter or an explorer, then you might love that label! ...
The shooting day was amazing. We already gave you a glimpse on our Instagram with a picture, where we kinda try to pose like the Taxi trademark. The guy who is trying to get a cab, no I mean a taxi. After all the work, we are proud, that the result of the shooting came out fabulous! The location we choosed fitted perfect to the cool streetwear of TaxiClothing and the weather also collaborated perfectly! The surprise of the day was for sure, that on that day a "Kuhschau" occured at the place we wanted to shoot. Haha! On the whole area were hundred of cows ringing with their bells! I was already prepared to reschedule the whole shooting or make out a new concept. Luckily the cows got to go to bed early, so they left in the late afternoon :) Lucky us! Now, the shooting could have start! But have a look yourself at the outcome! 

As we're new in this blogger scene / business, we would love to accept more collaboration inquiries. As you can see we can cover almost any style, product and trend, as long as we perceive it as a trend in our eyes. It's all our matter of opinion and of our taste. Thats why it is a lifestyle-blog, we want to represent everything and every brand that belongs to a cool lifestyle like e.g. TaxiClothing. What we especially liked about TaxiClothing is, that their clothing is young, fresh, stylish and fits to almost every situation of a trendy young person, and if you are the sort of the "older" generation as I am, it makes you feel young again. Superb! I personally loved the hoodies and the backpacks, but also the beanies and the lumberjacks. Although they were for guys, Nini and I absolutely wanted to wear it and so we did. :) I think they look better on women though ;) We also like the fact, that TaxiClothing is one of those young swiss labels!! Please go and check their whole collection, its awesome! Btw at that day of our shooting, they had coincident a launch of their newest pieces at the Brühnett Café in Wädenswil, where we had a short reunion. Collaborates means for us to push each other, so that every "party" can have some benefits of it. So, why not support each other? It was a really great experience for us and we want much more to follow.

How it came to this collabo? We were lucky, that Soopy knows Thomas, the owner of TaxiClothing since school and you won't believe it, his older brother was my sport teacher!!! So it was no question but to support each other. Thank you again TaxiClothing!! 

Enough said for now, take a look at our pictures!!!  

yours sincerely,

Clothing & Accessoires: TaxiClothing
Make Up: Nini (MacCosmetics, Benefit, UrbanDecay)
Styling: Maly & Nini
Photography: Chanthy (Canon EOS 70D)

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  1. Great work! Funny experience while your shooting! Interesting Swiss brand I must say! They have some dope shit! Keep it up Maly inspired!


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