Oktober 22, 2015

Announcement of the Team Malyficent "Go-Live"

Good Morning Friends  

As you might have already seen on our Facebook page, things are getting down right now! Finally we can announce the "Go-Live" of our webpage malyficentinspired.com Yes, Team Malyficent is now officially online (besides Malyficent's Blogspot)! We are super excited about that!! Our arms are getting longer now. I am so proud about this project, as we worked hard on that, especially Chanthy our webmaster. But take a look yourself and show us sum good LUUUUUVVVVVIIINNN....and don't forget, as "novices" we depend on your constructive feedbacks and criticisms. Help us to improve!! And if you are cool and want to collaborate or just want to get in contact with us, please don't hesitate! Friends are always welcomed!

Have a good day everyone! MUAAHH
yours sincerely,
Malyficent Inspired

PS. Don't forget to like our Facebook page! Here's btw the announcement we've posted on Facebook:

"So, did you like our blog about our first collaboration with TaxiClothing?
Just in case you are a person who doesn’t like to read ;) , we have some good news for you!

Our own website is finally online!! 

There’s still a lot to do and to update but you can take a first look of Chanthy’s creation. Maly’s blogspot will remain, it will be the first source for the blogs, our thoughts and news. 
The website contains pictures of our photo shootings & collaborations and our fitness & mind setting ranch. Also you will find information about the team and what Malyficent Inspired means and presents.
We are open for any suggestions for improvement and feedbacks :))
We are thankful for every support, likes and share guys! THANK YOU

Team Malyficent Inspired"

Oh, what I forgot, we also have some nice flyers now :D
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