August 31, 2015

Must-Haves for Autumn 2015

Hey Ladies,

The weeks flipped by and we have hardly realised that summer is passing by real quick and autumn is just ahead....well, it's already knocking on the door - that's why we thought about items for women, which are absolutely essential for this upcoming season of the year. 
Here our 10 #keypieces and #musthaves aka our favorite Accessoires for Fall 2015.

1. #soreal - the newest streetstyle-hype and it-accessoire at the moment. Chriara Ferragni shows us how to wear it. Dior Shades by Designer Raf Simons spottet at Saks Fifth Avenue
+Chiara Ferragni 
2. #boxybag - for example the #rebelbag by Jimmy Choo or a cheaper version you can find  @Primark
 3. #patentleather - heels, boots, booties, sandals, flats, platforms, sneakers - we love all kind of shoes made in pantentleather. check Nasty Gal
4. #jeansoverall - aka dungarees - no it's not the 90's, but we love these #throwback90s look
5. #necklaces - whether if chocker, collar, gold, silver, chain, leather, pearls, bling or statement...put something around your neck. Our favorites available at Nasty Gal
 6. #platforms - nothing more to say than they're back all variations
 7. #saddlebag - the perfect size comes with the famous saddle bag. Chloé Drew or Nasty Gal Ride It Crossover bag
8. #fruits a possibility to bring a bit of summer to fall. Fruits in all variations. As bag, shoes, t-shirt, prints or jewelery. Just #fruitylicious Our favorite piece spotted at Suite Blanco in Barcelona. #pineapplelove +Suiteblanco 
9. #silverwhitegreyhair #grannyhair Thought going grey was a hair nightmare? nope, new trend: gorgeous grey locks. One of those grey-haired beauties: @angexla
10. #bomber don't forget to buy a Bomber Jacket, absolutely #trendy this Fall!
As you can see, we're big +Nasty Gal lovers!! :) Well, did you like our #top10 ? Tell us your opinion and leave a comment.
yours sincerely, 

August 19, 2015

We'd love to collaborate!

Thank you for your interest in advertising on Malyficent Inspired. find here information about how to collaborate with us.

Malyficent Inspired was founded as a personal, fashion and lifestyle blog. but we are covering much more than these topics. beauty, living, food, music, travel, trends, shopping etc....our plan is to continue growing and reaching new readers and followers in Switzerland and all over the world in every branch life has to offer....that for, we would love to accept and promote brands and businesses.

Our ways to promote our sponsors is:

  • clothing and/or accessories don't hesitate to contact us for sending us something to wear in a post or write our thought to that trend.
  • beauty we would love to receive sample products for consideration on Malyficent Inspired. We will test em and will write a review and our thoughts in our blog or on Instagram on it. 
  • advertisement at the moment we work mit Googles Ad-Sense. But we are open for offers. 
  • if you want your business or website placed on our website, pls contact us.

We'd love to hear from you! Of course references will be named on our website.

One last thing, we would love and prefer to work with and maybe support Young Swiss Labels/Brands and Organizations, because they're our future and we want to work for the future trends!!!

Questions? Email us: 

yours sincerely, 
Team Malyficent Inspired

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