April 26, 2016

Seafood made in Italy

Hey my Dears

Some weeks ago my brother and I had the honor to be invited by Contept, ICE-ITA (Italian Agency for external trade) and the Italian fisherie association Federpesca to The Dolder Grand in Zürich for some Italian Seafood tasting. As you already know, it is nothing new, that Italian food in general is mostly the most favorite kitchen of every foodie/gourmet. So it was clear, that we wouldn't deny an invitation, where we could taste Italian food :).

Arriving at the mighty Dolder is consistantly an awesome experience. Soo that Monday started right well for us.

First they welcomed us with a little Apéro and good vine (my favorite one: Arneis) in the Ballroom, before we dare to listen to an interessting presentation by Simona Bernardini (Director ICE-ITA) and Vice President of Federpesca, Luigi Giannini) about the whole fisherie industry and the good quality of fish and seafood from Italy (here from the companies: Delfino, Marevivo and Rosso di Mazare). But the highlight of the event was defenitely the live cooking by the top chef Antonio Calaianni (Restaurant Gustav in Zürich) and the Executive Sous Chef Ingo Kühn (The Dolder Grand).

I must admit, I am not the fish-fish lover. Once a while I of course eat fish, but unfortunately I am that kind of jinx that always seize the fishbone which will mostly stuck in my throat for days afterwards - not cool tho! That's why I don't often eat fish, althought I like it. But one thing that is very often on my plate is seafood. I really love Seafood like shrimps, calamaries, musses etc. and this live cooking brought my love for seafood and now also for fish to another level! The food was f*cking delicious! OMG, I was blown away!!

My resumé: Italian seafood and fish highly recommended!! Well guys, if you are in Italy eat more Seafood!!!!!!!!! Italian Kitchen & Italian Seafood equal the so-called #foodporn

yours sincerely,
Malyficent Inspired

Loup de Mer Sashimi with Limone -Gelee and seaweed and Olive Oil, Shrimps with Radish Carpaccio refined with Mango, Shrimp on Fennel Mousse refined with Pea Puree, Mussels in a Pea Garlic Sauce, Pasta on Sardines Sauce with broccoli, Risotto with Octopus, Sardines on crispy Bread, Bouillabaisse

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