April 29, 2016

Sephora goes Switzerland

To all my Makeup addicts and lover

GET THIS Beatuyqueens!!! This week some very very good news reached my eyes and ears....yaaassss, the rumors are true SEPHORA IS FINALLY COMING TO SWITZERLAND!!!! Yes I know, this is aaaaweeeeeesoooomeeee!!!

And no, it's not like..yes Sephora will come to Switzerland in the end of 2017, nooooo the wait is almost over...only a few more days and all our prayers will be answered!!

Be ready, it is confirmed, that on May 19, 2016 the first Shop-in-Shop will be opened at the warehous Manor in Geneva. I know for all de Swissis in the German part it is not excellent, but I would say satisfactory, right? I used to travel to Milano for Sephora...why not to Geneva?! I am very curious how big the product range will be, but hey I'm happy when my favorite kajal and eyeliner is settled in Switzerland.  Couldn't ask for more....

But there is hope, that the long travel for kajal's and eyeliner's will be over soon....in the course of the year seven additional shops are planned in the western part of Switzerland and in the course of the next 2 years ten (!!) more shops in the rest of Switzerland. Excitiiiinnng!!!

Ladies, I hope these news will sweeten up your Friday and weekend :) But, if you are such a big Sephora fan as I am, I am sure you're sweeten up now :).

Have a good one my dears.

Yours sincerely,

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