April 28, 2015

New favorite Accessoire for Summer 2015

Hey Loves

I'm back from vacas and right back at work with a new trend for this summer ;) While I was absent, "CL" hold the fort and made a really good job. Yap, we really love the new H&M Conscious Exclusive Collection and the beautiful new nudes from Louboutin. Just gooorgeouuus!!! But who is "CL"? Of course I will take the chance to tell you more bout my new team later in a separate Blog. But first let us time for the whole reorganization. ;) All I can tell is, that I'm so excited about everything what happened and will happen! Nothing better than work with and in a great team.

Now back to my new favorite accessoire for this summer. METALLIC TATTOOS. I really really fell in love em!!! The trend is kinda Bohemia & Gipsy and this is the look I love for the Summer- aka Festivalseason. (Remember Coachella

Perfect to combine with Chrochet, Suede, Jeans, Benjy, White Clothes, Fedoras and everything that looks like Gipsy meets Summerfestivals. Just love the style...it is a style which is always appropriate during summer. Super stylish and cozy at the same time. What more you want?! It is the style for all the free birds among us. <3

So what I want to say...go and get these Metallic Tattoos!!! I loved them from second one and I guess this Summer you won't see me without em!! No no no no....

"The free soul is rare, but you know it when you see it - basically because you feel good, very good, when you are near or with them" - Charles Bukowski

Thanks for reading and showing love. <3 

yours sincerely,


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