Januar 29, 2015

Stuff is going on

I've been quite busy the last few weeks because I was/am working on some new "Projects". I hope I will be able to show it to you guys soon. New things to come....be patient...I need to be patient too!

In the meatime I will post up some Style Inspirations. What I would wear, what I would buy, what I like and favorite stuff in general. Love to create Styles and free my fashion mind. Love being creative and play with clothes and accessoires, combine em and make em look gorgeous with each other! Yes yes yes yes I really love fashion!!! What fashion mean to me? Hmmm..I would say fashion was my first and is my true passionation, a possibility to spread my mind and express myself. Others love to sing, to paint, to do sport or play an instrument and I love fashion. Yap, this is the truth....stay tuned and keep in touch, I'll be back soon, xoxo

yours sincerely, 

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