November 11, 2015

Lunch with a good friend

Hello everyone!

It’s about time to write something new. The past few weeks changed my life and took me to another level of mind setting. Maybe you’re asking yourself why? If you read my last blog, I mention a facebook post which will probably change my life, and it did, in a big way. For this, I will take more time to write about it later. But now I will take you to a conversation I had lately, which stucked in my mind. ...

I had lunch with a longterm friend. First, we talked about work, private life and stuff. Things we always discuss when we have lunch together - we always have a good time together - but one focus of our conversation was her situation at work. Currently she has a hard time at work - what I know - and I know the struggle she has is really hard, because I used to work at the same place and I could really feel, that she wasn’t happy at all.

Because I like her, I start to asking her questions like: what do you like to do? what make you happy? what do you do with passion? Then she was like:”I don’t know, there is nothing I like to do which I can connect with work and earn money”. And was just like:”There’s must be something, that make you happy, because then the solution will come by itself!!" A few minutes later she said, that she loves to travel and one day, she wants to travel around the whole world. My comment to that: ”GOOO FOR IT! Right now, you’re so unhappy, you do this job for like 9 years already and it’s time to do something new. Why not now?”

(To be fair, I have to mention, that at our company you can get a life insurance and just pay the 50% of the amount, and the company pays the other half. And after 10 years, you’ll get the whole amount. Very nice :))

So the thing is, she would get the full amount in 2 years. But if you want to, you get a payment now, of course not the whole amount but you can end the insurance at any time. I’m pretty sure that it would be enough to travel the whole world.

Her answer was: ”no, I stay two more years here and wait for the full amount.”

The conversation was not ended here, but I think this last sentence of her shows how sick our minds are. And please don’t say, you wouldn’t say the same sentence like she did.

How sick is this? People choose money over happiness and joy. Btw, 5 minutes before she said this, she told me:”I was in Bali and in that time I forgot everything, I felt soo good, so free”. But still, she would choose money over her happiness right now.

Damn, I was mad and sad at the same time, when I realised she made this decision. You know why? I know her 7 years now and she was never really happy happy. She worked on it and made a really good progression, but nevertheless she still has to fight some more struggles in her life and to see her unhappy makes  me really sad.
I don’t say her choice is wrong and I really do respect her decision. But I want you guys to think about this. What’s more important to you? To get money and be unhappy for another 2 years or to be happy and get less money?

She wants to keep her job for two more years and waste these two years of her life to get the full amount, which means approx 10’000 swiss francs more than by quitting it right now.

Please take note of this one important fact:

2 years are -hold on- 3’960 (just) work hours of your life, which nobody can give you back. And I guarantee most of them 3'960 hours, she’ll be still unhappy. Don’t you think 3’960 hours are more worth than 10’000 swiss francs?

I don’t know why, but it’s bothering me. Why do we choose money over happiness? Why don't we just do things which make us happy? No, instead of that, we work all day, get home, be mad AF and on the next day we start the same routine all over again. And this calls itself life? Hell no, I know I deserve more, you deserve more, she deserves more! We all deserve happiness, freedom and we all deserve to choose our own way of a happy life! But you know what? You have to make the decision by yourself, no one else will do it for you. Decide: will I get out of the system or am I a part of it?

One sentence which I often said to myself in the last couple of weeks:

Just do it and make a step into YOUR way!

Well, with this sentence I end this blog.

Thank you for your time!

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yours sincerely keep the motivation on!
Team Malyficent

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