Januar 06, 2016

First one in 2016

Dear all

A happy new year!!! I hope ya'll had a blast on NYE and you are ready to start that 2016 with a lots of energy and motivation....

Talking about me, I had a great NYE with my family and friends and I am definitely ready to take over 2016 :) As I already mentionned a few times, we had one last collaboration in December, which was awesome. And maybe you might wonder were the pictures are and if I even gonna write something about it. Yesss for sure I will. But as we got so many good shoots, we're still working on it. It takes much time to prepare all the pictures, as we want them to look fabolous!! So I hope you're can be a little more patient. The wait will be worth it and I promise the blogpost will go live within the next days! At least I am able to give you a little sneak peek of it (see picture below).

Well, at the moment, not only this is up...many changes will come and because so much is on the go right now sometimes I'm scared to lose sight of the wood for the trees haha. Hopefully this won't happen. The thing that stresses me out is, that I don't like to let you guys wait tho! But I always give the best and I guess that matters, right?
What is also new - maybe you might have already seen it - my brother Soopy (the editor of "Fitness&Health") has finally start his own blog School of Life by Soopy. Of course he will still remain to be a part in my blog, but you will find much more other interessting stuff and pictures on his blog! So give him a warm welcome to this crazy and cool world of bloggers and show him some love!!! ;)

Thanks for now and stay tuned for more! 

yours sincerely,


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