Oktober 02, 2017

Elephbo Fashion Show at Labor Bar Zürich

Dear Friends

As you might know, on September 23rd we celebrated the new collection of our Friends from Elephbo at the Labor Bar in Zürich, where we had the honor to film and take pictures of the event. Not only Elephbo presented their newest collection, no they also had something like a little Collab on the Runway with Selfnation, Protsaah and the wonderful Elise Anderegg. All young Brands designed in Switzerland. 

The FashionShow was incredible and all the products are absolutely DOPE! I want em! All! But better check out yourself. You'll love it. This is Fashion which stands for Upcycling, Sustainability, Ethicality, Handcraft, Anti‐Industrialism & Fair Trade. Just wow, right? Fashion with a with a good conscience!  

Sweeties thanks for reading, enjoy the video and the pictures. Au revoir &  xoxo

yours sincerely, 

PS. Thank you Elephbo and EBPR for having us! We had a blast!!!


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