Februar 09, 2015

February Favorite Pieces

These are my favorite Pieces and Must-Haves in February...and yes I am still dreaming of some classic pieces, which I can't effort, but its ok tho.....

yours sincerely,
February Favorite Pieces

Nanuskha Knee lenght Coat
350 CHF - zalando.ch

This Season you won't be able to avoid a Coat in Camel...Classic Cut or Oversized, both are worth every Cent you will spend!

Timberland Faltover Boots

Timbs are back! One of the classy Boots, which were/are/will be always appropriate. Doesnt matter if you are female, male, old, young, adult or Kid. Especially this year I noticed they're having a very big Comeback. One of the new model the "Faltover". Lovable!

Chanel Classic 2.55 Flap Bag
4'970 CHF - chanel.com

Yeah, what should I say. My Chanel Classic 2.55 Flap Bag will always be on all of my Wishlists!!! I keep on dreaming...and maybe one day my Baby will find its way to my shoulder...(never give up dreams ;))

Black Diamond Ring
1'560 CHF - frontjewelers.net

To be honest, I always wanted a Engadgement Ring like this. BLACK as my Soul. :) J/K! Yes I love this one. But just to clarify I deeply love my white Diamond Ring I got from my former Boyfriend ;)

Sterling Silver Infinity Ring

Revenge-Fever. Since I started to watch the Serie about Emily Thorne I am even more in Love with this Infinity Thing. Its just such a nice and meaningful symbol. We mostly wish some thing are for forever!

Eugenia Kim Turban Twist Headband
64 CHF - shopbop.com

I bought me a Turban yeeeaarsss ago and also wore it. My Peeps start laughing and said I've been completly crazy and awkward wearing a Turban like grandma use to do a hundret years ago. They gave me those weirdos glimpse and said my taste is something like "Sh#t" hahaha...but anyways I disabused em all the better! Everybody wants to wear a Turban now..not only cause their stylish...no...also and above all because of the warm Ears!!!

Chloé Perfume 
97 CHF - manor.ch

I had my one and only favorite parfum for yeaaarrrs. Then a few days ago I decided, that it was time to put on a new Smell on me. So I went to the Perfumery and after 100 fragrances smell test (headache inklusive) I fount my favorite. Chloé....it was love at first smell <3

Tangle Teezer Detangling Hair Brush
16 CHF - douglas.ch

Nothing more to say to this fabulous product. Made a blog about it before. Its still one of my favorites. Nothing detangles my hair better than my girl Tangle Teeezyyy...I love you!!

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