Februar 11, 2015


Hey Dolls and Fellas! 

Today I dedicate this blog to all the guys out there. Nowadays not only the female gender is into Fashion and Style, no...au contraire, also a lots of men are mad about that Fashion and Style Thing! At the weekend, I had a photoshooting together with my Brother with whom I really have such a great and valuable relationship. I would say he is my Soulmate and best Friend, even with a difference of 7 years that separates us! Admittedly, our relationship wasn't that good from the beginning...he sometimes still claims, that I little-brother-tortured him..but I dont know, can't remember anything but being a good older sister and an idol to him hahahaha... Ok, back to the best friend souldmate thing, that was maybe the reason, why the Shooting was so much fun and went so well. Check the Pictures yourself.. and btw he is not only one of these stylisch Guys, no he is also into Fitness, Health and Mindsetting. The last years, he made such big progress with his body, health and mind...that I am just impressed and proud about his will and discipline!!! He grew up to such a great Person! I promised you a "Blog" from him about that weeks ago, and yes my lovely lambs, it is coming very sooon, some tricks how to get healthy and fit with Gym and clean Eating. His Contribution will be available in my new Category "Fitness & Health" very soon. Be patient, it will be online latest Tomorrow evening. So much is up on my Blog, that I almost come into Stress with editing and finishing the Posts. Hahahahah poor me. ;) But for now, please let me introduce you my featuring and handsome Brother.

yours sincerely, 

PS. My Pictures and Outfit to this Shooting follows soon!!! :) Soo much to come! <3

The Outfit
Coat and Pants: Zara, Zürich
Shirt/Chemise: H&M, Zürich
Beanie: Jack & Jones, Aarau
Boots: Navyboot, Zürich
Watch: Fossil, Zürich

-Photographies by Chanthyl-

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