Februar 04, 2015

Knee-Cut Jeans

One of my favorite Pieces too this Season! Knee-Cut Jeans. I must confess, that I already sacrificed some Jeans of mine and have cut the Knee part ;) I love that so much, that I couldn't wait to go find and buy them (of course I will, when I find them) but for the meantime I had to find a solution hahahah. Impatient Me! 

yours sincerely, 

Knee Cut Jeans

River Island Long Sleeve Top
36 CHF - riverisland.com

Dark Grey Nirvana T-Shirt
27 CHF - amazon.co.uk

Long Sleeve Pattern Blouse
17 CHF - sixkisses.com

Rag & Bone Jeans
260 CHF - montaignemarket.com

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