Februar 02, 2015

This Winter I wear long Coats ;)

Yep this Winter I go for Classic loooonng Coats!!! Who remembers the 80's and 90's where Mom and Dad wore long oversized Coats and also everybody elses in TV and Magazines?

This was beyond doubt the one classic Item everybody had, respectively it was a MUST HAVE!! Not only because it was THE Fashion Piece, no, it was also alsmost THE one and only suitable Outerwear!! 

While nowadays we have choices between Jackets, Coats, Blazers, short or long, Parkas etc. back then there were the long, mostly oversizes Coat! Either you wore your Coat or your oversized Blazer with big Shoulder Pat or a Jeans Jacket. This is what I remember from my younger years.

My Mom also forced me as a Kid to wear em and then I wasn't really amused about this, but then in my Teenager-Years I bought a long Coat by myself and I loved it. Unfortunately this Piece went out of Style and it has been forgotten in the recent years til Today! (As you know, Fashion and Style repeats itself). The Long Coat is back and absolutely appropriate and suitable!! So go for it and buy a classic long coat for this Season. My Choice is a black one and also one in camel...and don't forget...oversize is so fashionable! Love it!

yours sincerely,

My Outfit: Coat: Zara Women / Cardigan: Bershka / Shoe: Marco Calzature, Milano / Sugar Skull Shirt: Amisu / Bag: MCM Munchen
Snowy Day at Landquart Designer Fashion Outlet

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