März 13, 2015

Spring - Freshness in the Air!

Hi to all my Spring-Lovers

Can you smell Spring? Did those "Happy-Feelings" which comes with March also already catched you, as it catched me? 

Birds are singing, flowers are blooming, the grass is greener, butterflies flutters around (in the sky and in stomaches) and the sun makes you forget, that it is actually still a bit cold outside. But who cares, Freshness is in the air, Spring is here!! <3

Cause it's so nice outside, especially in Switzerland with its amazing landscape, we again had a Photoshooting and this time with such an incredible and breathtaking background (for free!!). I have to say it out loud again...BEAUTIFUL SWITZERLAND!!! I really love this beautiful country and in this  time of the year even more! Well, here are the pictures from our latest Photoshooting. Hope you like it.... 

yours sincerely,
Malyfcient Inspired


my Outfit:
Sweater: New Yorkers
Hat: H&M
Shoes: Catwalk, Dosenbach
Bag: Jelmoli, Michael Kors

his Outfit:
Jacket: Review
Jeans: Jack & Jones
Shoe: Nike Air Force 1 Low, Footlocker, Nike
Sungalsses: Carrera, Visilab

- photography and edit by chanthyl -

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