September 19, 2015

Fitness & Health - Losing and finding Motivation

Hello everybody. Long time no see! Yes, I feel like I’m back, positiv, mental and with the right mindsetting. Also with a little bit longer hair, beard (as a asian it’s hard, but at least i’m trying… i guess) and a new tattoo. As you might see, not finished yet, but it’s gonna be awesome!

It was a long and –unexpected- hot summer in switzerland. And to be true with you guys, I lost my focus, my mindsetting. I was much more in bad mood than usual and not really into my gym/beastmode. I have trained during the summer, but not as hard as I have planned. I have become comfortable and I started picking up on little things and now, when I think about it again, those things don’t even were worth my time. I also lost the focus to change my life and I nearly started to accept my destiny. That’s why longtime no see.

But like I said, I’m back… a lifelesson more in my backpack and stronger than ever. Do you know that situation… you are on facebook, scrolling down the screen, liking stuff, watch videos and so on and then one post, this one post catches your attention, you read it, then you keep scrolling down but you go back and read it again. And then you think…...maybe this situation will change my life. Everything just feels right. Every aspect of it feels right for me.

I have the chance to make the first step to my dream, the first step to change my life. All I know now, it will change my life… maybe it will catapult me to my dream and will be a milestone or it will „just“ teach me a new lifelesson. No matter what will happen, I already know, it will make me stronger, smarter and as long I go steps into a way… it’s better then just to stay where I am now. So, I’m already thankful for this experience.

That was a litte update about me and what happened this summer and now, I think it’s also time for me to say something about our blog Malyficent_Inspired.We know, we are by far not the most followed blog in the world and also know, it will take much more time until this might happen… but as long we want  and love to do this, we will do it. Yes, even here we lost a bit of our focus. But we will be back. We have a lot of ideas and we will work hard to get those ideas to real things.

All I want to say is, we want to work with other bloggers, brands, labels and organizations. Maybe make some collabs, support and push each other and show some love. There’s too much hate and competitions in this world, that we forgot, that a „we“ is much stronger than a „I“.

Everyone who’s interested or willing ;) just let us know and we will be ready to do something.

Big things will happen… for me, for our blog… can’t wait to see our bright future. Maybe you and your brands, blog will be a part of it and someday we will party this together just because we can do things we love to do.

Big comeback-blog, many promises… but that’s what we want… going for big things. Thank your very much you took time to read this. To read a blog from a dreamer who wants to live the dream! See you next time. And don’t forget… mindsetting is everything… everybody needs a reminder even me!

Take care of yourselves and enjoy life.

Team Malyficent


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