Juli 20, 2017

60 Facts about me

Hey y'all

How are you doing today? All good from my side...just about time for a new blogpost. What it is about? Yeah, the subject reveals a lot. One blogpost on my to-do-list which was overdue a looong time ago is the "facts about me" blogpost. And tadaaa today I finally did it. As my crazy me got so many facts, it wasn't easy to decide which one to name! But I got it together and I think it is a good summary to describe myself a bit. Hope you'll like it - all true facts tho!! 😀 

yours sincerely,

  1. My full firstname is Chanmaly 
  2. But most people know me as Maly
  3. In school I use to dislike my full name but now I'm fine with it - almost loving it
  4. I am married (with my big love and partner in crime)
  5. I have a son (and I love him more than my life)
  6. The most important thing in my life is my family (counting 6 people)
  7. I married my husband at the beach in Carmel-by-the-sea; party for the fam is in planning
  8. My Husband and I are together since 1999 - yes we are old!
  9. My Parents are both from Cambodia - and they mean everything to me!!!
  10. I have a younger brother and he is my best friend
  11. My favorite holiday destination was, is and will always be C A L I F O R N I A
  12. I miss my dog Homer who died in 2012 - my firstborn (R.I.P Baby, I love you)
  13. Fake people and liars annoy me super easily (and make me furious) but you know what, I believe in Karma
  14. My celebrity crushes are, yes ARE: Tom Hardy, Aaron Taylor Johnson and Chris Hemsworth (my husband knows)
  15. I work as a legal assistant at an attorney's office and I am also a part-time personalshopper and blogger (holla back folks - I need to make that money money haha)
  16. Shopping is constantly on my mind - my "to-buy-list" is huge!!
  17. I fantasise about living in Hollywood Hills (one day one day)
  18. My favorite "boyband" is The Wutang Clan
  19. But I listen to every kind of music - whatever sounds good to me
  20. My secretly passion is that I love watching documentaries about Hiking/Mountains and Sharks - super nerdy I know
  21. I hate spiders and snakes to death
  22. I am addicted to tattoos (and piercings)
  23. My goal is to go on a via ferrata (Klettersteig) - challenging myself n shit - vertigo victim!
  24. One trip I won't forget is my trip to Cape Town
  25. If I could choose a time to live, it would be probably the late 80s / early 90s somewhere in LA or NY
  26. I love movies from the 90s
  27. In my eyes, Rap is not the same anymore - 90s / early 2000s were lit af
  28. As soon as I am in the car I mutate to a professional singer and performer
  29. My favorite sports team are the Golden State Warriors
  30. Black is my happy color
  31. Way to win my heart? Bring food - when Asian food - then you're my dude
  32. The sound of the ocean is my favorite - the ocean in general fascinates and scares me at the same time
  33. My girlsquad is cooler than yours (sorry ladies, but this is a fact) and sometimes we communicate in three different chats on three different apps at the same time - yass we are effing lit!
  34. Surfers, snowboarders and skaters are the coolest
  35. Kat von D is my wifey (too bad, that she doesn't know it)
  36. As a kid I wanted to be an Astronaut
  37. I am a typical Aries - stubborn (but I am working on it)
  38. I am loyal (to the ones who deserves it)
  39. Currently I am working on being a positive thinker so the universe can serve me positive things
  40. Currently I am obsessed with DIY videos
  41. Driving at night all by myself is awesome
  42. Traveling and exploding is one of the best things in life
  43. My dreamcar is the Chevi Camaro SS
  44. Can't live without my cellphone - unfortunately
  45. My favorite movie is Pretty Woman - btw. my Netflix "and chill" game is strong 
  46. As a kid I was a fan of Sabrina the Teenage Witch - haha s/o to Salem
  47. Sometimes I am a witch myself (ask my husband)
  48. Currently working on my beach body 2017 - run Maly run
  49. I am both: girly and tomboyish
  50. I might forget things - that’s why I need a reminder for everything
  51. Beardless guys - uuughhh
  52. 2019 is gonna be legend - wait for it - dary! - I feel it!!
  53. Make Up and Fashion is life
  54. I regret that I never learned to play an instrument properly
  55. I love animals - even I am not vegan - but I do my best
  56. SeaWorld sucks - cruelty-free rocks
  57. I can't live without making lists
  58. Don't get me wrong, I am very sarcastic - not mean (ok sometimes I am mean tho)
  59. My humour is lit af!! StandUp Comedy - Level haha - I swear
  60. My favorite quote: "Don't believe everything you hear. Real eyes, realize, real lies" Thanks Pac!

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