September 07, 2017


Ellie Goulding at her first Dosenbach Collection

My lovely Ladies

Did you already catch up with these awesome News? Ellie Goulding just dropped her second Collection for Dosenbach and the so-called Star Collection has a lot to offer. Yup Ladies, it's gonna be hard to decide which one not to buy. 😢
If you need some Inspo here is my selection of desire 💘:
(tap on the shoe 👇 to get to the shop or use the link on the right 👉👉👉👉)*Stiefelette*.prod?imgFmt=&fromCategoryDetail=true&positionInList=11*Stiefelette*.prod?imgFmt=&fromCategoryDetail=true&positionInList=18*Schn%C3%BCrboot*.prod?imgFmt=&fromCategoryDetail=true&positionInList=20*Schn%C3%BCrboot*.prod?imgFmt=&fromCategoryDetail=true&positionInList=22*Sandalette*.prod?imgFmt=&fromCategoryDetail=true&positionInList=34*High*

You want more? Then fasten your seat belt and be ready for some more little sweeties. Check out belows link for the whole fabolous collection. Have fun while OnlineShopping Ladies and #rockyourlook 💪  Tap Tap 👇👇👇👇

xoxo and yours sincerely, 


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