November 19, 2014

Hair Chalk - YAY or NAY?

I love the thought of changing the color of my hair every single week and do what I ever I want to. Yeah I'm an adventurous person, but when it is about my hair, I'm a little sissy! Unfortunately. Maybe I need to mention, that I had really bad experience before and my long hair was destroyed for years due to bleeching, dyeing and tinting…yeah my poor hair have been through a lot of shit ;) That’s the reason why nothing came in touch with my hair the last few years beside water and shampoo of course haha…but the color is all natural and almost back maidenly again ;)

But when I see all those fresh colors on other heads I'm like I really really want it so bad…as my hair is dark dark brown to black it's no easy way to just color it for fun..there is a long process with bleeching and everything else what can bust your hair and if you are lucky you can even see a little bit of that new color, a little glimpse of it…but most often you cant see nothing! That really sucks…

Then I heard about the HAIR CHALK. When I got a spot on it I was like…IS THIS MY SALVATION???? Immediately I went online and ordered all kind of Hair Chalk..there was the chalk sticks, then the makeup pack hair chalk pot and the liquid chalk of L'oréal!

Hair chalks are the perfect way to temporarily dye your hair in vibrant colors without any long term commitements (as I got a serious job :P). So When your ready to go back to your all natural hair color, just hop in the shower and wash it out. And they said it works on black hair, they said!!!

Makeup pack hair is one of the easiest way to hair chalk. Easy to use and best part is that it creates no mess! Damp your hair, press and slide and seal it with hairspray or heat it. No other tools needed! With the sticks, you better wear some old clothes or put on a "cape". But if you don't mind getting a little dirty just start damp your hair and rub that chalk on your hair…this process is a real mess…not only the hair will have this new color…also your hands and your clothes your wearing…its really really messy! But both results of these two variants are super nice! And yes, it works on black hair...the saturation of the color depends on how much you chalk you have slide on your hair..but you can see it!! I really like it and its fun for one or two days! Oh, please don’t wear white clothes when you have chalked your hair hahahaa….just a little advice :) Now my favourite. One of the front runners of hair chalk trend brought us L'Oreal, who perfected their Hair Chalks on catwalk and then made it to salons for the normal people like us. It is in liquid form and comes in eight shades. From natural colors like brown and black to vibrant colors like blue or green. The process to apply is easy to. Squirting out a bit of colour onto a special applicator, which looks like a folded card and slide it down a strand of hair from roof to tip and its done. Maybe you have to repeat it a few times, especially on dark hair. And then seal it with Hairspray or Heat and thats it....walking around with a funky ass color on your head!! HAHA....

The Problem with all these chalks and the thing I don’t like is really the mess and mostly your hair end up stiff and chrispy…no more shiny smooth hair, but this is only a little handicap…overall you can have a lot of fun with these chalks and show off your crazy side…so the lesson is clear…those negative trifles aside…its really fun and yes I will do it again! Try it…I guess this is really my best SALVATION ;)) That's why defenitly YAAYY!!!!

yours sincerely,

PS. Results on my Hair coming soon....

Professional Hair Chalk by L'Oréal in 8 Shades

Hair Chalk Stick, ordered on
Make up Pack Hair Chalk purchase at Manor in Lucerne for CHF 4.90

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