November 17, 2014

InspiredbyLooks by @malyficent_inspired - Inspired by Wendy Nguyen

When I started to make my InspredbyLooks, it was just for fun...over time I got more and more and more and more looks, so everyone told me to share it somewhere public. So that is the reason why I created @malyficent_inspired on Instagram (next to my privat account). 

I always loved to spend time with fashion on my mind -most of the time- and it became a serious passion for me. Inspired by the celebrity looks I tried to create similar outfits out of my wardrobe and I was/am surprised how many looks I could make. I would say that I have bought some good pieces in the past ;) And guess what, I'm not done yet...nowhere will not believe how many screenshots I have on my cell waiting me to copying it...haha! So you better watch out..more to come..

This is one of my first InspiredbyLooks and definitly one of my favs! I think I am on point with this one. Am I? ;) Inspired by beautiful and very stylish Fashionblogger Wendy Nguyen (image via / @wendyslookbook / @wendyslookbooks). I am wearing a leather Jacket and Belt by Vero Moda, a Shirt by H&M, a Skirt by Mango and Shoes by Bata.

As the quality of the pictures on Instagram aren't that good, imma try to remake all or even most of my InspiredbyLooks and post it here....hope you'll like it!

Your sincerely, 


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