November 20, 2014

a Piece by Vero Moda

Got a new object of desire!!! (I know, I have a lot of objects of desire...should rename me to: malyficent_desire haha j/k) Ok back to the context. That new MUST - HAVE you can snatch at one of my absolute favorite Stores VERO MODA. I saw this and I was completly in Love with you know that feeling, when you see something and thousands of ideas jumps into your mind's eye? Possibilities over possibilities of how to combine that piece with your stuff hanging in your closet? That happened to me, when I saw this kind of MASTERPIECE!!!(dramasoundeffect please) And here it comes...golden stepped Jacket with transverse zipper....woow!!!!

Purchase at VERO MODA Stores or online CHF 99.90

I would combine it with black Jeans or even a black simple dress (maybe in jersey). Essential with something very basic and simple...otherwise it would be too much! The Jacket itself is already very, how you say, too "over-egg the pudding" ;)))). 

OK Ladies, do you like that Jacket? I dooooo....

yours sincerely,

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