November 27, 2014

Newest Inspiredbylook by Malyficent_inspired

I am still sooo passionated with doing my "Inspiredbylooks". Didnt had a Chance to do it the last two weeks. But today I took the time to do one. I love being inspiredby all those good dressed celebrities and get their style..not to say steal em ;) I bought the most pieces years ago and collected them in my wardrobe. Couldn't throw them away because I love all my clothes.

I started to do these "Inspiredbylooks" since I went shopping with my first pocketmoney. My style was mostly an inspiration  from all the stylish ladies in the movies, videoclips and magazines. This why I call myself Malyficent_inspired. I guess all those years I bought some nice pieces..this is why I am able to make all those Celebrity-Looks.

Here is my newest Inspiredbylook....inspiration comes from beautiful Nina Debrov. She is soooo the "Girl next door" but much more prettier and with absolute amaaaziiinnnggg hair!! I'm so jelly!! Hahaha...take a look at our Floraprint-Skirt with Lace Application combined with a Leatherjacket and black tights and Ankleboots. Love the look. My Outfit is completly by H&M

I steal Celebrities -Looks but mines are sooooooo on budget. What I always use to say: "Dress well, spend less". :)

More Inspiredbylooks on my Instagram @malyficent_inspired 

yours sincerely, 

and good Night!

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