November 30, 2014

Parties, Fam-Bam and Sweets like Red Velvet Cupcakes and Caramel-Marshmallow-Brownies

As we've celebrated my cousins 18th Birthday, I made some Red Velvet Cup Cakes with a "Frozen" Decoration and some very very very sweet Caramel-Marshmallow-Brownies. The other guest and the birthday-kid himself kinda liked my sweets I brought. We ate a lot this evening...was so much fun to see all the family back together again. Eating together, talking bout good ol times, laughing and having fun together...Doing stuff like this more often? It would be fine with me! ;)  Christmas-Time brings Family closer! <3

This is btw also the reason, why I didnt posted so much on my blog since Friday. I'm quite busy with preparing "December" and Parties and lots of Fam-Bam is going on. But my mind is full of new stuff which I will write down as soon as it is a little bit quiter in my "casa" ;) The show must go on ;) Oh, my Instagram is updated daily. Go check, like and follow ;)

Ok, read me soon! 

yours sincerely, 

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