November 23, 2014

Kat von D's new Lipstick Line Studded Kiss - We love

As promised, here my Blog about the new Lipstick Line from our gorgeous Kat von D! Available at Sephora Stores. (

The new line comes in 30 different shades and an exclusive limited edition lipstick set which contains 9 mini Studded Lipsticks. The colors are bold an should last 10 Hours. 

I didn't tried them yet, but I will, because I am again already in love with the design and some of the colors look very nice and special. I would say, you should go and get them too. We always loved and do love Makeup by KAT von D and I'm really excited about this new Line. 

btw Kat has post pictures of the shooting for the Line on her Facebook and Instagram (@thekatvond). She looks amazing, as always and I think they promoted the lipsticks very well. Kat is wearing all the shades for the showcase! Advertising definitly reached me ;) My favorite Shade is "Slayer", yeah I know its black and grundgy, but I quit like it. Nowadays you can wear black lipstick and still be elegant but edgy! I love being edgy!!!!


yours sincerely,
Exclusive Limited Edition Set of 9 mini Lipstick 

9 Bold shades. 10-Hours wear.

Studded Kiss Lipstick 30 Bold Shades 

pictures and sources via and Instagram @katvondworld

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