November 16, 2014

Kate Spade New York

I love MK, but I guess I will go for Kate Spade!!

Had the trouble about choosing a MK Bag or Watch which not anybody already has, and I still didn't bought a piece, cause I see it everywhere. Not that I don't like it...but yeah it was just tooo fancy! MK had such a big run the last months, what I say..I mean years and the label and Michael Kors got so famous, that it was difficult to find the "one in a million piece" KATE SPADE catched my attention. "kate spade new york is known the world over for their bold and stylish designer clothing, designer shoes, women fashion accessories and more." ...I love it. The designs are simple, classy and elegant and freaky (lots of colors!) at the same time. I'm sure I need to hurry up...soon soon more and more stylish women will carry or wear Kate Spade! TRULY LOVEABLE! 

yours sincerely,

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