November 22, 2014

Time for some Transformation

Now(!!) is the best time to start up a Transformation with yourself. What I mean with that? As the cold time is here, everybody thinks that it is ok to eat whatever junkfood you want and to let oneself go. But no, think about it. Now, in that time of the year, nobody needs to see you in your bikini or shorts, thats why its exactly the right time to start the BEAST MODE and go to the gym, eat clean and healthy and make SPORT. Because nobody will notice it and you can do it without pressure. You just do it for you and your body and health. Imagine, then when summer is back and everybody is complaining about their winter fat, you're like..."uummhh naahh my booty is quite aight;)". This is only possible when you bust your ass during wintertime! (of course cheat days in between, e.g. a cup of Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows, is aight) Eat healthy does't mean you can only eat boring and tastless food. The possibilities are huge! "You don't have to eat less, you have to eat right"

As I have a fantastic brother, who started, to grapple with Training and healthy Eating, I asked him to make me a plan, how to train and eat the right way to start a healthy life and feel comfortable with my body. I don't wanna be Miss Fitness, but I want to feel my body, feel the muscles and feel healthy and clean. Do I ask for too much? haha...ok back to my brother, he made a huge transformation the last years and I'm very proud, he works so hard to reach his goals and is inspired and focussing on the positive. 

Soon I will come up with a NEW BLOG POST with advices and eating plans and meals from him to get the BEAST MODE on and be ready for Summer 2015! He is now working on it and we will present it to you soon. Keep your eyes on the BLOG ;) 

yours sincerely, 
My Brothers Transformation via @so0py

pictures via "gymmotivations"

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